The Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee, about an hour and change drive from Nashville, is poised to become a must-visit concert venue, thanks to its naturally unique setting and an eclectic summer calendar that is persuading fans of country, bluegrass and rock to make the descent into a dark, damp hole... Related Opened by founder and erstwhile ad executive Todd Mayo, the Caverns are the new home of PBS' Emmy-winning Bluegrass Underground – a spectacle of musical spelunking now in its eighth year that features artists as diverse as mandolin god Sam Bush and free-jazz funksters Lettuce – plus a... This years marks the first concert season in the "brand new" millions-of-years-old cave, and fans and artists alike are getting wise to the transformative, other-worldly qualities of the subterranean space. It's perfect harmony to play the music of nature from within it. ". Carlile's performance marked an early highlight for the new venue, but the interest from fans was hardly a surprise. But inside, the misty, haunting overtones of Tim O'Brien's bluegrass makes the Caverns feel like a spooky, centuries-old refuge from the dangers of a dark wilderness night. That's especially appropriate as the West Virginia native sings "Where the River Meets the Road," a dirge about his Irish-immigrant forebears migrating over the Cumberland road to the booming mill town of Wheeling. It seems like he's holding back on the bluesy-gravel howl of his distinctive vocal, but each lyric cuts through the stillness like a knife, while the sound of a banjo rolls and roils over the countless craggy outcroppings of the cave itself. He and the family decided instead to tour Cumberland Caverns, and once inside the massive "Volcano Room," he had a flash of inspiration: "Someone should book concerts in here," he thought, looking down at the blue Plexiglas crystal in his hand purchased at the gift shop on their way in. "And they...

The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame in San Francisco unveiled the plaque on Monday night. The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame in San Francisco unveiled the plaque on Monday night. Hall of Fame vice president of finance and administration Anthony Savicke tells The Mercury News of San Jose that images on the plaques are “representations” and never intended to be photographic likenesses. Chastain is often remembered for ripping off her jersey and showing her sports bra after nailing the game-winning penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup.

– The Bethany College athletic department announces the hiring of Brandi Fairbank as the new head of the Swedes volleyball program. “Coach Fairbank has the competitive background, professional drive, and driven personality that will inspire our volleyball program to continue to work towards excellence in the years to come,” Bethany College President, Will Jones said. Fairbank makes her way to Bethany from Fort Hays State University where she was an assistant volleyball coach before being named the interim head volleyball coach for the 2017 season. Fairbank was also awarded for her work in the classroom, her academic awards include 2016-17 Alpha Chi Honor Society, 2016 NAIA Daktronics Scholar-Athlete, 2015-17 Deans Honor Roll, 2015 NJCAA First Team Academic All-American, 2014 NJCAA Pinnacle Award, 2013-15 President’s Honor Roll, 2013-15... “I’m excited to return to the KCAC and I look forward to embracing a community that is dedicated to student-athlete success both on the court and in the classroom, as well as in life. She then earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sport Communication from Sterling College where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2017. “We are excited to welcome Coach Fairbank to the Bethany College Department of Athletics,” Dean of Athletics, Dane Pavlovich said. “She knows the KCAC from her time as a student-athlete at Sterling College, and she had a great experience as the Interim Head Volleyball Coach at Fort Hays State University last season.


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